Our Director search is over. We are excited to introduce Ryan and Ronnie Bogart. 
You're going to love them!

Classes resume August 21, 2017. We are ready for you!


When classes are not in session, we are not in the studio. You may leave a message and when we return to classes, we'll return your call. If your child will be absent due to illness, please call the studio phone at 417-496-9527.  Louise will be answering the phone one hour before classes begin through the time that classes end. If you need to call earlier, that is fine. Please know that you can leave us a voicemail at that phone number. 

Inclement Weather 

In the event of inclement weather, the studio follows the guidelines for Springfield Public Schools.  If they cancel school, we will not hold classes. If they release students early, we will not hold classes. We will post notices on our Facebook page and we'll send text messages to our Saturday students if weather prevents us from having classes. If you have any question whether we are in session or not, please check your email for notice of closure. We will do our best to communicate clearly and effectively.